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Player Age Chart

All players must meet the age requirements to play.

A player is eligible to play in the age category on the far left of the table if they are born in the year stated under each season or any year after. Seasons run from September to August of the following year.​

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 11.45.11 AM.png

Age Checks

On registration of players, academies must provide a colour copy of one of the following forms of proof of age:

  • Passport from any country 

  • Official school report with age stated and official school stamp

  • Birth certificate

If a player is caught forging their proof of age or found lying about their age, that player and their academy will be penalised, including but not limited to suspension of your academy's right to play in future Little League TT games and removal from the roster, without any refund of fees.

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