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Team & Player Insurance

All players must be insured before taking part in Little League TT.

Little League TT is taking that extra step to ensure that all participants and spectators are safe and covered in the rare case that injury or a major incident occurs at any Little League TT games. ​

All teams on the Little League TT roster must sign up for Accident (Personal Liability) Insurance.

Little League TT is also covered by General Liability Insurance.

Personal Liability (Accident) Insurance

All Little League TT participants (players, coaches, managers, team workers, referees, officials and volunteer workers) are “Covered Persons” for accidental bodily injury while participating in the following covered activities:

  • Team practice sessions, scheduled games, tournaments, or other sponsored activities (meetings, banquets, fundraisers) provided they are under the direct supervision of a Little League TT registered volunteer.

  • Travel of covered members to and from a sponsored activity such as practice sessions, games, tournaments, or Little League TT sanctioned activities, provided that players are traveling as a team and a licensed adult driver operates the vehicle.

General Liability Insurance

Coverage is provided for:

  • Participant injury

  • Spectator injury

  • Property damage liability

  • Activities necessary and incidental to the conduct of games or practices

  • Little League TT sanctioned functions, including meetings, banquets and fundraisers

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